Choosing an Event
If more than one race is offered during an event, a team may choose to race any or all races they are is eligible for. They may also elect to enter multiple classes and race simultaneously as a Pilot Skill Racing team (PSR) and an Aircraft Performance Racing (APR) entry. Pilot Skill Racing events individually handicap all aircraft to equalize the planes. PSR events are divided into normally aspirated and turbo/super charged aircraft. Aircraft Performance Racing matches aircraft of like power and configuration. APR events class experimental and manufactured aircraft separately. Our National Cross Country Air Races typically include 3 races. To be eligible to win the Marion Jayne Perpetual Trophy, entrants must compete in all 3 PSR events offered. The Marion Jayne Air Race is a 3 day, 1800-mile PSR race. Aircraft Performance Racers fly the same route and schedule but are not competing for the Marion Jayne Perpetual Trophy. One day, 200-300 mile handicap events are round robin and flown by the use of pilotage only for navigation. APR rules differ in that they fly all events will all navigational aids. The Sport Air Racing League sanctions some U.S. Air Race events. Participants may gather points toward an annual SARL championship.

Entering an Event
The Official US Air Race web site carries a free, downloadable entry kit.
Hard copies are available by mail or Fax for a fee.
Entry fees are charged with a discount for early entries.
Entries may be mailed or faxed.
Photos may be sent electronically in jpeg files or mailed.
Insurance forms may be submitted separate from entry as some entrants may have renewals occurring after they wish to submit their entries.
Entries are accepted up till the close of registration for any event.
An entry must be complete with all fees paid for a pilot to compete.
Entries must be received 6 weeks prior to the event to be included in the Official Race Program.
Many race numbers are reserved. Unreserved numbers are on a first come basis.

Entry Confirmation
Confirmation Kits will be sent out to entrants beginning three months prior to event. All necessary information for race preparation is provided and is as follows:

  • Event Descriptions
  • Activities Descriptions
  • Current Schedule of Events
  • Arrival Procedures
  • Advice to New Racers
  • Route and Awards
  • Event Courtesies
  • Race Number Options & Suggested Sectionals
  • Safety Equipment Manifest
  • Full US Air Race Rules
  • Donations Form
  • Hotel & Car Rental Information *

* This kit contains time sensitive action items. Hotel room blocks have been set up for racers. These blocks have published cut off dates and reservations need to be made by those dates to assure room availability. Racers, may, however, stay at any hotel they wish to choose. Car rental information for each location will be provided with availability verified. All hotel and auto rental reservations are paid for by and are the responsibility of the entrant.


  • Times published on the Schedule of Events, normally one day preceding an event.
  • All pilots must arrive before close of registration.
  • Entries are open until the close of registration.
  • All entries must be complete by close of registration to compete.
  • Participants may pre-register by faxing their entry to the US Air Race. Pre-registering expedites the registration process during the event.
  • Photos and advertising may be sent electronically or by mail. Fees accepted by Check or money order.
  • Official US Air Race apparel may be picked up that has been ordered and all merchandise will be available for purchase.
  • Registration Packet contains: *All Timing Fly-Bys
    *Current Schedule of Events
    *Official Race Program
    *Decals, patches
    *Name Badges
    *Activity information, tickets

Safety Inspections
Inspections are scheduled at registration and the pilot or co-pilot will be present during the inspection.

Each participant receives a handicapping sheet in their confirmation kit. Pilots are encouraged to make several handicap runs as per the instructions and bring a completed form to registration. A Handicap Validation Committee of 5 pilots (no Officer of the US Air Race can be on this committee) will review the entries, submitted handicaps, schedule and conduct handicap validation fights and conduct meetings to arrive at an official handicap for each aircraft. These official handicaps will be posted as published on the schedule of events. Any participant may protest a handicap within 2 hours after this posting. The protest must be in writing and given to the Handicap Validation Committee Chairperson. Protests will be reviewed by the committee and the aircraft in question may be flown for a handicap verification run. After any/all protests are reviewed the FINAL Official Handicaps will be posted.

The Race
Be present for all mandatory briefings.
File a VFR flight plan as required.
Fill out time and fuel slips and turn into designated official.
File RONís with designated official.
Follow all Official US Air Race rules.
Adhered to race etiquette.
Obey all FARís.
Safety First.

Post Race
Validate scores as scheduled.
Any protests must be made according to the Official US Air Race rules.