"Learn to Fly" Scholarship Raffle Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20

At least four scholarships will be drawn. At least two will be drawn in Wichita, KS on July 16, 2007 and as least two more in Wisconsin on July 20, 2007. They will be equally divided between men and women. The U.S. Air Race, Inc. scholarships exist to introduce people to the world of General Aviation. People can participate in General Aviation as a sport or as a career. The purpose of this scholarship is to fund the introductory flight lesson, the first formal flight lesson and a logbook. Scholarships are made possible by the many sponsors of the 2006 U.S. Air Race events. These sponsors are shown on www.us-airrace.org/sponsors. Checks may be sent to: U.S. Air Race 216 Fresh Meadow Dr Trophy Club, TX 76262 and the stub will be sent to you in the return USPS mail. The odds of winning are quite good as the total sales are generally less than 500 tickets.

U.S. Air Race, Inc was founded by famed race pilot and entrepreneur, Marion Pollard Jayne. Marion was named one of the 100 Aviation Heroes for the First Century of Flight at the 2003 Kitty Hawk Centennial Celebration along with the Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart, John Glenn, Eileen Collins and others. Jayne left a legacy of accomplishments that inspires people. She motivated people by encouraging them on a personal basis, by instruction and by setting a stellar example of achievement on six continents. She is the only U.S. pilot to have raced twice around the world. She won Gold (with daughter Pat) and Silver FAI (with daughter Nancy) medals in the world races and holds the world record for the most victories in cross country speed races. Whatever the scholarship winners accomplishments are in aviation, they will add to her legacy.